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Music moves like colors, swirling in and out of different shades and styles. Amanda Reifer emerges out of a similar kaleidoscope of pop, R&B, Caribbean, soul, hip-hop, and reggae hues. The Barbados-born singer and songwriter does everything as vibrantly as possible, projecting her voice and presence with power and passion in equal measure. After racking up millions of streams independently, she asserts herself as a dynamic and diverse international disruptor on a series of singles for Republic Records and much more to come.


For the songstress, all of these elements converge upon one lifeforce…


“My music is like tie-dye, and it moves from blues, purples, and greens to bright oranges,” she muses.


“It’s always bold, unfiltered, and honest. Exploring sounds gives me the ownership of different emotions. I want to pass on that feeling though. When you listen to me, I hope you have a sense of your own power, ability, and confidence. I’m like a blinding energy source surging through -a little intimidating but you want to be near it,” she grins.


Growing up in the Caribbean, she absorbed music by listening to the radio constantly and hearing mom and dad play everyone from Bob Marley to Céline Dion around the house. Recognizing a desire to create, she took dance and piano classes, and painted in addition to “being the annoying little sister singing everywhere all the time.”


At the same time, she wrote songs and studied influences as diverse as Sade, Amy Winehouse, Kelis, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, No Doubt, Mariah Carey, MIA, OutKast, SantiGold, and, of course, Rihanna. I found elements in these artists, and others, that resonated with me and influence the way I express myself artistically,” she goes on.


She initially made waves as the frontwoman for pop upstarts Cover Drive. After gaining traction online, the group flourished across the pond in the UK, notching three Top 10 hits in the UK and landing a #1 with “Twilight.” During 2018, she parted ways with the group and followed her internal creative compass towards a signature solo style of her own.


“I walked into my womanhood and began expressing my duality and complexities,” she states. “This music is everything. It’s the softness, the sadness, and the happiness. I believe in embracing who we are. I’m playing with all of those tones—the cocky, confident, vulnerable, and sensitive. Those are all parts of me that exist at once. This is the unfiltered and unapologetic version of me I’d always wanted to put out there.”


After dropping her solo debut “Girl Like Me,” she put up numbers with “Ransom” and “Bang Bang.” However, “Rich Bitch Juice” exploded in 2020. As she graced Spotify playlists such as “Leo,” it clocked over 1 million total streams and caught the attention of Republic Records who signed her. Now, she introduces every side of her scorching sound on the single “Bag.” 808 claps and a buoyant groove underline sassy and slick verses before she flexes on the flossy and fun chorus, “That bitch fucking wit your bag.”


“It’s really talking about being in alignment and not letting anybody take you out of that,” she says, "finding the strength in moving forward and not allowing anyone to take your focus away.”


In the end, Amanda might just empower you as well.


“When you listen to me, I want you to walk away with a sense of power and ownership over yourself,” she leaves off. “I hope you feel confident embracing different emotions and sides of who you are. It’s about knowing you can be your fullest, biggest and brightest self.”

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