YSN Flow

Harmonizing hip-hop sensation YSN Flow has lived many lives within his sixteen years.

The Cleveland, Ohio native first garnered praise with his introductory track “Want Beef?” with tens of millions of streams in pocket. Now, YSN Flow enters the next phase of his career with his debut mixtape FLOW $ZN, a project that is raw and gritty, yet honest and fun. His new single “Prescription” is geared to be another banger as Flow Season has officially begun.Growing up, Flow didn’t find hip-hop, rather hip-hop found him. The product of five brothers and sisters, the young artist started as an athlete in elementary school, playing both flag football and basketball. One day he was walking home from school with some friends and started play-harmonizing the hook to hip-hop tracks. “My friend was like, ‘Wow that’s good,’” YSN Flow recalls. “So I went home and tried to figure out how to make music.” And he did. By boosting a pair of speakers from Target, grabbing a Snowball microphone from Target, and using his mom’s laptop, Flow went into his bedroom closet, put a winter glove on his new mic and started cutting tracks at just 13 years old. His songs were raw, yet detailed, discussing the world around him in the Cleveland streets as seen through the eyes of a teenager. He dropped them off on Soundcloud, met with escalating listens be realized he needed to up his ante when hard times fell on his family.“My mom got laid off from her job,” he remembers. “So I wanted to find a way to help my family out.” He started pushing his music on all streaming platforms and one track broke through. “Want Beef?” became his meal ticket, cracking the 15 million mark on YouTube and landing on Spotify’s Most Necessary, Off the Strength and USA Viral 50 playlists. “That song changed mylife,” he adds.

More tracks followed by the millions, from “Want Beef? 2.0” to “Illegal Guns,” “OH OKAY” and “Dirt!” Flow was approached by major labels and signed a deal with Republic Records. FLOW $ZN brings a new energy to YSN Flow’s growing career.While there’s still gritty tales woven through the mixtape, tracks like “Prescription” use a narcotic metaphor to double as pickup line for the ladies. Other cuts like “Bad Vibe” with Lil Tjay tackle Flow’s mature intuition that only comes from living a teenage life in the fast line. But it’s bigger than strong melodies and impressive storytelling, FLOW $ZN is the first of what will be many celebrations in YSN Flow’s life. The YSN in his name reflects his crew “Young Successful Navigation,” and it’s clear that Flow is navigating straight to the top. “I really just want to hold my team and my family down,” the young rising star humbly advises. “And make the kind of music that will get me some Grammy’s one day.”