Reyanna Maria

Reyanna Maria, the 19-year-old Filipino-Australian singer/songwriter lights up pop and R&B with unapologetic swagger and unrestrained confidence.

In under six months, the Melbourne-based artist has skyrocketed on to the global stage with millions of TikTok views and over 40 million-plus streams and recognition from ComplexHighSnobietyRaydar Magazine, and many more

Reyanna’s only just getting started as she readies a series of singles for Victor Victor Worldwide/Republic Records in 2021.

“If you meet me in real life, I’m super quiet and reserved. In the music, I’m very straightforward,” she states.

As a kid, she honed her voice by singing constantly. Between taking vocal lessons, she sang to the mirror (breaking it once after a hairbrush “mic toss”), carried Christmas carols at school performances, and showed up her family during weekly Sunday karaoke. At the same time, she penned lyrics and jotted down song ideas, loading up her notebook at fourteen-years-old.

After covering favorite artists such as Ariana Grande and Jhené Aiko on social media, she caught fire on TikTok when her participation in a viral challenge spawned her debut single “So Pretty.” This boldly blunt banger exploded to the tune of 27 million-plus Spotify streams and 100 million views on TikTok. Tyga jumped on the Remix, and superstars such as Chrissy Teigen (34M Followers), Bella Poarch (56.4M Followers), Alicia Keys (20.7M Followers), and Vanessa Bryant (14.3M Followers) created their own videos to the track. Victor Victor Worldwide founder and CEO, Steven Victor, quickly signed Reyanna, paving the way for the next chapter. She took her first trip to Los Angeles in 2021 where she recorded new music including “What’s Ur Sign?”

“You see L.A. in movies, and I’d always wanted to be there,” she says. “It took me a long time to process that it’s a real place and not just a movie set! I’d never really been outside of Australia except for when I went to the Philippines as a little kid. Once I got to L.A., I was making music every day, and it changed a lot for me.”

Among the tracks cut during her month-long stay, she cooked up the single “What’s Ur Sign?” Backed by slick production, she dips in and out of a flirty verse before locking into the unshakable hook and ice-breaker, “What’s Ur sign?”

“It’s a little more on the R&B side for me, but it’s meant to be lighthearted, sexy, and cheeky. You don’t have any time to waste and you’re ready to get down to business,” she said of the song.

As she continues her creative evolution she says:

“When you listen to me, I hope my music gets stuck in your head,” she leaves off. “I hope you feel good about yourself and have fun. That’s the most important thing.”