Peach PRC

Peach PRC takes the things you only say on text to close friends (or exes) and turns them into pop that shimmers as much as it singes.

The Australian singer and songwriter packs an often unbelievable journey from writing and recording in her bedroom to social media phenomenon into smart, slick, and sweet songs with a bold bite. Equally funny and sensitive, she holds nothing back when it comes to life’s ups and downs, mental health, and everything in between.  

After building an audience of 1.2 million-plus followers, generating over 10 million streams, and attracting acclaim from BuzzFeed and more, she formally introduces herself with new music under her recently signed deal with Republic Records and Island Records Australia. 

Growing up in Adelaide, she always wanted to sing and begged mom and dad to allow her to audition for Australia’s Got Talent to no avail. “They said I was too young, sensitive, and it would hurt my feelings,” she laughs. In between listening to Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Shakira, she wrote songs on her own and attended talent school where she honed her vocal and performance chops. During high school, she found solace in music. 

“For a long time, I didn’t have many friends, or anyone really close to me,” she admits. “When I needed to vent about things, I’d start writing. My songwriting is essentially what I’d say to a friend.” 

After dropping out of school, she penned music during her free time and worked as a stripper at night for a short spell before launching a Tik Tok page in 2019. She had danced under the name “Peach Porcelain”—an homage to the Super Mario character Princess Peach. Since “Peach” was taken, she joined the platform as Peach PRC. She organically attracted an audience by posting everything from funny moments to self-care advice and, of course, music. A snippet of her first single “Blondes” played over the background of a video where she discussed the track’s meaning, and it went viral. The full version eventually amassed 4 million Spotify streams as she maintained this momentum with the follow-up “Colourblind” (both produced by a long-distance ex-boyfriend and producer), racking up another 1.5 million Spotify streams. Along the way, she carefully cultivated an undeniable style. 

“It’s girly hyper-pop,” she explains. “I’m drawing on the early 00’s and mid-2010’s, but adding my own twist.” 

That twist defines the 2021 single “Josh.” Originally previewed as a fan favorite snippet on Tik Tok, the track puts an ex on blast in a clever and hypnotic fashion. With warm vocal delivery, she teases, “Does your mum still buy your clothes?” Meanwhile, 808 claps, distorted guitar, piano, and a ticking clock entwine as she confesses, “I thought you were blocked. Fuck off, stop calling me, Josh.” 

“Josh and I dated for ages,” she recalls. ““When we broke up he would always try to get back with me- which I found to be so annoying!  One day, I was writing in the worst mood, and he messaged me. I was like, ‘Go away!’ I was so aggravated he tried to reach out after I finally cut him off. I made a bit of the song and posted it on my Tik Tok spam account with the caption, ‘I’ll probably delete this’. Everyone told me not to delete it! I’m glad I kept it.” 

In addition to music, Peach PRC also takes every chance to uplift as a mental health advocate. She’ll post candid videos such as “cleaning my room with you in real time (for people with depression/ADHD)” and “folding my laundry with you in real time (for people with depression/ADHD),” enlightening her audience and reminding them they’re not alone. 

“I know it can be really hard to take care of your basic needs when you’re having a hard time,” she says. “So, I try to speak up and help when I can.” 

In the end, Peach PRC makes a real connection much like a friend would. 

“I just want everybody to feel heard,” she leaves off. “To me, there’s nothing better than when somebody puts how you feel into words.”