Michele Morrone

Balancing various mediums of artistry, from acting to singing, Michele Morrone has quickly joined the ranks of global superstardom. Best known for his leading role as Don Massimo Torricelli in the 2020 Netflix explosive No. 1. drama film 365 Days - Morrone, undeniably continuously captures audiences and new fans worldwide. On Instagram alone, in just a few months since the film's original limited theatrical release, he has quickly broken the 8 million follower count with no signs of slowing down. He recalls the first signs of his growing fandom, "It's incredible; everything happened to me from one day to the next. The film (365 Days) had just premiered on Netflix, and I woke up to 2 million new followers overnight. I can't even walk on the street now." Originally from the Italian town of Melegnano, near Milan, Morrone grew up in Apulia, a southern Italian region. He is the youngest of four children and the only one to pursue a career as an artist in his large extended family. He currently resides in Rome. 


Morrone is a notably avid musician, inspired by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Beethoven, and Chopin. His debut album, Dark Room, was released in February 2020It became known as the unofficial soundtrack to the famed film with the four featured tracks "Hard For Me," "Feel It," "Watch Me Burn" and "Dark Room" having garnered nearly 100 million combined streams across all audio & video streaming platforms. Morrone, who sings and plays guitar, shares songwriting credits across all ten album tracks. The music video for the lead single, "Feel It," has amassed over 22 million views on YouTube. When asked about the mix-genre of his first record, Morrone asserts, "I want to make music – my music is like a big rainbow with all the colors, everything that comes from my mind. I am a lover of all music and want to make music that captures it all." His songwriting isn't just inspired by stories but also ideas; "They are stories, yes, but also ideas that I have and the way I see things in my head. Music is very powerful.


Morrone signed to Universal Music Germany, in partnership with Universal Music Poland, in June 2020. He has already made plans to soon return to the studio to continue developing his songwriting journey and musical career; "I want to help my fans through my music. People really connect with the music, and I get messages from my fans that my songs help them feel better. That is the most important thing to me." He very much looks forward to what's next and is determined to make a clear distinction between the film's (365 Days) provocative fictional character and himself as an artist; "It's the right time to show the world what I can do for real. Not Massimo Torricelli, but Michele Morrone. Fans can expect me to be the same person I have always been before to keep doing what I am doing in a great way with the great people around me and to deliver emotion.