A rapper since he was five years old, Malachi “LiBand” Taylor was born in Shreveport, Louisiana.


A young phenom, he prides himself on how far he’s come in such a short time. From a mixtape, Son of a Band to hit singles such as Mercy on Me, Steppa, and his latest, Due Date, LiBand proves that dedication and commitment renders results. Starting elementary school rap battles in the cafeteria, LiBand has always had a love for music… feeling that it’s his purpose.  


“I want to reach souls and save lives. I feel like a killer if I don’t release my music for the people.” 


With musical influences such as Lil’ Wayne, Kevin Gates, and Tupac, LiBand samples old hits and add his own personal spin to it. Whether it’s head boppin’ or melodic, his lyrics can be described as emotional, influential, and inspirational. He wants to show the world how one can create a positive impact in a negative situation. 


Not backing down from any challenges, LiBand is full of life, positivity, and energy. The true epitome of “life, lemons, and lemonade,” he’s not allowing any predicament to stunt the telling of his story. 


“Take your situation and make it better.” 


When asked what inspired him to go into music, “LiBand replied “lifestyle.”  


“My life is too much like a story, I wanted to turn it into art.” 


Currently working on his new album, B4L: (B)lowup(A)nd(N)ever(D)ie4Lyfe, LiBand will show the people that he’s far from average and extremely versatile. He’s real. 


As a new and upcoming artist, the world can expect this young mind to come with something harder. Something different. And something definitely authentic. 


Know that he’s striving to be the best that he can be. Not just in music. Not just as LiBand. But as Malachi.