Kiana Ledé

From childhood pop phenom, to earthy bohemian songstress, Kiana Ledé has developed into one of the world’s most promising and intriguing young stars.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, Kiana’s family struggled to make ends meet. Looking for constant distraction she invested her teenage years into refining her craft as a songwriter. Alone in her room with nothing but a keyboard, her voice, and a mixture of records old and new, Ledé harnessed her time to tap into the rich musical history of her diverse family heritage.

A true mix of cultures, African, Latino and Native American, Kiana spent years creating her own unique vocal sound into a natural blend of these global, expressive influences. Like so many great artists before her, she had learned to channel her humble upbringing, loneliness and desperation into a musical, dreamy escape.

This escape soon became a reality when Ledé moved from Phoenix to LA. On her own at the age of 16 with no money and no one to fall back on, this monumental challenge felt like the only option left to develop her talent outside of her bedroom walls.

Following a short lived record deal, Kiana parted ways with the label over creative differences. Despite this setback, her courage was soon rewarded.

She found a new sense of self in LA’s creative scene performing at poetry slams, honing her performance skills and her personal style. As her confidence rose with every performance she was no longer a blip on the map of Arizona, she was becoming a force to be reckoned with in Los Angeles.

Her star power was quickly realized by the hitmaking tandem Jeremy Skaller and Jared Cotter, who collectively were already responsible for writing and producing hit songs that had sold millions of records. They gave Kiana the big push to tap into her vast potential and realize her true artistic self.

After her supreme re-imagining of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” went supernova on YouTube with over 40 million views, Republic Record’s Chairman & CEO, Monte Lipman flew her to NYC where he signed her the same day.

Kiana’s success and talent have only continued to snowball, evident in her growing list of achievements, as she was recently cast in MTV’s second season of “Scream”, the television adaptation of the movie franchise.  Alone in her room in Phoenix seems so far from a major label deal, a TV platform, and the eyes of the world.

As we wait for Kiana’s highly anticipated original music, and the upcoming season of “Scream”, you can head to and join in on the #SoulFoodSessions.