Gild Walton

Christa Walton, known as Gild Walton is a 22-year-old songwriter, pianist, composer and vocalist from a small community in Southern California signed to Champagne Therapy with her debut album releasing in 2020.

After a cumbersome early life of music, poetry, drugs, and prostitution she found herself sending an Instagram DM to heralded producer Tommy Brown that brought her to the studio doorstep of the Grammy-nominated musician and by the time they began working together she was six months sober and sitting on a handful of songs.

Christa was a shy child who wrote poems and short stories at the early age of 5 years old that soon after influenced her songwriting as she poured herself into music and started playing the piano. After discovering Tim Burton, her art took a darker more avant-garde turn which her family did not understand at the time. Even at a young age, she was influenced by films like Edward Scissorhands and Phantom of the Opera - she loved the idea of the outcast being the lead and they inspired her to write similarly dark and violent stories. Her love for writing stories quickly translated into grim content in her songwriting by the age of 7.  Down the line her high school years were an ordeal of depression which turned to self-harm, moving between schools and resulting in homeschooling.  

Christa struggled in school but made it to Utah State University with dreams of being an opera singer. These dreams shifted and she switched her major to criminal justice with hopes of working in the FBI cybercrime division.  After financial issues arose, a friend suggested she work for a phone sex line to make ends meet while in school. This soon evolved into webcam modeling and eventually sex work. She became trapped in a cycle of substance abuse to cope with the shame of the work and was completely alone. She began uploading her music on SoundCloud, but with no more than a dozen plays on her original music - she dove deeper into sex work, moving further away from school. Despite this, throughout her experience working as a prostitute, she continued to write songs and poems. By the second half of her freshman year, she had a pimp and later came clean to her family about the life she had been hiding from them and moved back to her hometown of San Diego to start anew.

On a fateful day back home while recovering, she came across the Instagram page of producer Tommy Brown piquing her interest as she had always been more interested in who had written or produced the songs she loved than with the singer themselves.  She sent him her music over DM never expecting a response, but 10 minutes later they were discussing his interest in wanting to work with her not only as a songwriter but as an artist herself. Even though Christa attained an impeccable voice, she never considered being an artist herself and was even apprehensive at first, she felt she was a composer and songwriter first and foremost. They have been working on her debut album for his newly minted Champagne Therapy label via Universal with songs written and performed by her. Christa carries on a passion for ending all sex trafficking and wants to spread the message to young girls and women that they don’t have to over sexualize themselves to be successful and want to speak candidly and put forth efforts to aid those abused in the sex work industry.