Carter Ace

Carter Ace makes music for a generation desperate for R&B anthems that can inspire them to dance as well as get lost in their thoughts.


The LA-based singer has a sunny sound that is consistently inventive, channeling everything from G-funk, afro-beats, and old school slow jams to the more escapist psychedelic stoner funk of acts like D’Angelo and Outkast. There’s also a deep layer of introspection that underpins a lot of his music, something that can be seen in Carter's cathartic lyrics. “These songs are deeply confessional and a way to get things off my chest,” he admits. “If that can help other people by providing them with some kind of therapy then my job is done as that’s what all my favorite artists used to do for me.”


Carter hopes the group can match a demand for more intricate storytelling in pop music. He believes the best artists are able to create cinematic imagery and share personal things (such as his admission on the breezy confessional “I Think I’m Normal” that his life is better when he’s celibate) without a filter so it’s raw, uncut and, most importantly, relatable. Carter Ace's music will help you get over a break up, but it should also be the soundtrack to the make-up sex after. “My music is multi-faceted, as young people’s lives are so unpredictable right now!" Carter agrees. "I want you to be able to picture every word. It should be all atmosphere. I don’t hear enough deep stories in music right now so we’re going to change all that." 


The singer-songwriter and producer grew up watching his Cameroonian parents, who were both involved in the music industry, go on tours with other artists. Subsequently, he always dreamed of one day having his own headline show, and he predicts he will make a big impression on festival stages, well, as soon as self-isolation is over. He concludes: "I am a performance artist so whenever I am on stage, I make myself look as ridiculous as possible so people feel they can do the same and be free. I don't hide on the stage or on these songs, either. I want to show people that they should never be afraid to be who they are or share what they're thinking. This music is here for you when you’re down, but also when you want to get up and want to let loose. It taps into every emotion.”