Clad in a classic black shirt against a dark backdrop, Camylio leans into his microphone, presses down on the ivory of his keyboard, and sings with enough passion and power to stir the world to its feet.

It’s a scene meant for a stadium, but he’s in his bedroom framed by a smartphone camera yet beamed out to an audience of millions on social media…  

Throughout 2021, he performed like this at a dizzying pace and quietly emerged as a phenomenon renowned for a Richter Scale-registering voice. After shaking the internet, the 19-year-old New York singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer properly introduces himself with a series of singles and his debut EP.  

“At the end of the day, I’m a storyteller,” he says. “I’m taking pieces of my life and putting them into my songs. Nothing is more exciting than getting the chance to tell my story now.” 

At eight-years-old, Camylio begged his parents for a guitar. He obsessed over learning Ed Sheeran licks and even posted a cover of “Small Bump” to his private Instagram, trying his hand at vocals for the last five seconds. Friends encouraged him to keep singing, so he continued to develop in real-time through sharing covers. Inspired by everyone from Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur to Post Malone and Dermot Kennedy, he immersed himself in music. For his 16th birthday, his parents allowed him to choose either “a car or a laptop.” Thankfully, he chose the latter, spending countless hours pouring over song credits and learning how to produce via YouTube and Twitch. With mom from El Salvador, he spoke Spanish fluently and uploaded a handful of reggaeton demos for fun during senior year of high school. Despite no ambition to formally pursue reggaeton, he landed management and continued writing, while gaining a scholarship to Fordham University in The Bronx.  

During November 2020, he launched his TikTok with one video daily. He filled an Amazon shopping cart with a $200 backdrop, ten black hoodies, ten black long-sleeve shirts, and five black short-sleeve shirts in order to maintain a consistent aesthetic. His cover of “Dusk Till Dawn” by Sia and ZAYN exploded with 7 million-plus views. Eventually, he broke the internet as his take on SLANDER’s “Love Is Gone” feat. Dylan Matthew generated north of 50 million views in under ten days. He caught the attention of Republic Records and signed to the label. 

Co-writing and co-producing himself, he cultivated a scorching signature style by pairing vocal fireworks with rich modern-day production punctuated by intricate beat-craft.  

“I didn’t want to just use acoustic arrangements with piano and guitar,” he explains. “It was important to include in-the-box elements. I try to write super emotional songs that mean something and push my voice to do what it can do in an innovative way.” 

That’s exactly what he does on his debut single “Love and Hate.” As airy keys ring out, his vocals teem with emotion, drawing inward vulnerably before exploding on the hook, “It’s tearing me apart that you’re moving on while I’m paralyzed, guess sometimes that love and hate, oh my, it’s a fine line.” 

“When you’re in a relationship, you share music and playlists,” he says. “As soon as everything goes wrong and falls apart, you can’t even listen to the songs associated with that person anymore. You’ve broken up, and you’re trying to get yourself together. You’re attempting to move on and put the pieces back together. However, all you can fixate on is if your ex is going through something similar.” 

Ultimately, Camylio brings these feelings to the forefront as loudly and impactfully as possible. 

“My favorite songs describe how I feel in three minutes,” he leaves off. “I melt away and understand I’m not the first or the last to feel the same way. Being able to connect is what I aspire to. I want to let people know they’re not alone.”