Anthony Ramos

Timeless talent shines under any spotlight. It transcends the stage, screen, and the studio, resounding prominently in every setting. Anthony Ramos is a timeless talent. Born and raised in Bushwick, NY and of Puerto Rican descent, Ramos rose from humble beginnings to star in the original cast of the TONY® and GRAMMY® Award-winningBroadway phenomenon Hamilton and opposite Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the Academy® Award-winning movie A Star Is Born.

That journey from Brooklyn to Broadway to Hollywood provided much of the inspiration behind his forthcoming Republic Records debut… 

Raised by a single mother in the Brooklyn projects, a serendipitous action from a childhood teacher and mentor landed him a full scholarship to a performing arts academy. “She carriedmydreams on her back," said Anthony when recalling her unwavering support. After grinding for three years post his 2011 graduation, he originated the dual roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in the Broadway blockbuster Hamilton.

Anthony went on to appear in the Academy® Award-winning A Star Is Born, as well as the box-office hit Godzilla: King of Monstersand Spike Lee’s critically-acclaimed Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. He has contributed multiple original songs to the show, including “Cry Today, Smile Tomorrow.” He is currently in production as the lead in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s highly-anticipated In the Heights movie directed by Jon M. Chu for Warner Bros.—to be released in June 2020. 

Through it all, music has been the heartbeat of Anthony’s life every day. In 2018, he ignited his music career as an independent solo artist on his own terms. Not only did he lend his voice to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Almost Like Praying” benefit single, but he also began architecting a sharp and soulful signature take on contemporary music. He teamed up with producer Will Wells [Logic, Pentatonix] for The Freedom EP—released via his own “Whole Team Winnin’” imprint—which was inspired by the reaction to the 2016 presidential election and current climate in the world today. Out of the gate, it garnered acclaim from Billboard and many others, ultimately attracting the attention of Republic Records who signed him soon after. 

Anthony immediately dove into making his forthcoming full-length album debut. Capturing an urgent energy, he recorded the album in just a month-and-a-half.

“These songs just came out,” he recalls. “We didn’t expect to do the album in a month-and-a-half. That was not the plan, but the shit just came flowing out. We wrote like 25 songs in 30 days.”

He introduces the album with the heartening confessional “Dear Diary.” Backed by bluesy guitar, sunny tambourine, and cinematic piano, he addresses his family and tells his story in refreshingly honest and revealing verses, “Hey there, momma. Can you tell me how you been? I know I said I’d be back in two months and I’ve been gone ever since…I’m doing the best I can to see who I really am.”Everything builds towards an uplifting refrain upheld by his soulful delivery.

“This is my letter to home,” he explains. “I’m saying, ‘I love you guys, but I have to go for a second’. It was pretty painful. I’m talking about some tough moments with my dad. The bridge is going through all of the friends I had as a kid in the park. It’s all of the things I love and know that have made me who I am. I’m leaving all of it behind. So, it’s called, ‘Dear Diary’.”

In the end, Anthony opens up like never before on the album and delivers an enduring story that will shine for ages to come in the process.

“This is my journey,” he leaves off. “I’m talking about the ups and downs. I’m talking about the people who meant a lot to me, still mean a lot to me, and who I love. It’s relationships with other people, myself, how I grew up, how that was, and how it is now. It’s wild. It’s everything, man.”