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When 24-year-old singer, songwriter, producer Jeremy Zucker wowed the world with his 2018 breakout single, “comethru,” he was in his home state of New Jersey in his childhood bedroom. In a contemplative space, Zucker would craft a song that would ultimately change his life, despite already landing a recording contract with Republic Records and selling over 500,000 singles the year prior. That was less than two years ago, and during that time Zucker would tour the world and release groundbreaking projects. As Jeremy Zucker readies his debut album, love is not dying, he returns to his room, only this time the scenery has changed. And so has the man.

Prior to “comethru,” Zucker was a streaming music fixture, galvanizing a significant fan base while still within the halls of Colorado College. A handful of EP’s, including 2015’s beach island and breathe and 2017’s motions, were the catalyst. After signing to Republic Records in 2017 during his senior year of college, he hit the ground running with two more EP’s, idle and glisten, which featured viral hits “talk is overrated” and “all the kids are depressed.” In the Fall of 2018, he released his final EP, summer, which included the Gold Certified “comethru.” The song would go on to secure over 820 million global streams and over 220 million video views, while Zucker simultaneously sold out stages across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia throughout the next year on his headlining world tour.

At the top of 2019, he linked with Chelsea Cutler and brent was released, landing both of them on stage at Today Show. The project’s single “you were good to me” is Certified Gold with over 115 million streams on Spotify. It catapulted their collective notoriety, though Zucker had a strong foundation already solidified. That’s when the creative fodder flooded in. “I basically stayed in New York that summer and worked on a bunch of songs,” Zucker recalls. “I toured Asia and worked on some songs, came home and finished the album. It was a mish-mosh of touring, being out on the road and writing, taking writing trips in between.”

However, that process wasn’t what drove the album to its fruition. Jeremy was settling into his new Brooklyn life, living on the edge of Manhattan, which to many is the center of the universe. “I felt like my life was just about perfect,” he adds, though something massive was missing. “The only other thing that would make it perfect was having a functional and stable relationship. It was never fully realized; I was always on the edge of that. I had this almost fantasy in my head of having my life sorted out in Brooklyn.” The crux of his new project is harnessing those emotions to various degrees and making them into songs, therapeutically expressing those life-altering experiences through his music. “The end of the process of the album is that dream falling apart,” he says.

The lead single, “not ur friend,” reflects on removing toxic relationships from one’s life. Co-penned by Max Martin’s MXM (and Zucker) and produced by Zucker, the song is rhythmic and catchy though laden with underlying meanings. The remainder of the project is entirely written and produced by Zucker, including the first single, “always, i’ll care,” which is a plutonic love song about friends sticking around even when he isn’t able to give the same energy to that relationship with his life changing and career building. Other album cuts like “full stop” are the antithesis to the lead single, as Zucker contemplates regret for cutting people out because the end result is solitude. This year he will take the project on another world tour, hitting Europe in the late Spring and North America in the Summer, followed by Australia and New Zealand come Fall.

It’s an intensely personal body of work, where even at times Zucker speaks through his lyrics to his loved ones and his fans. “I have always historically written songs as a way of expressing things to the people around me because I haven’t always been able to express myself in words,” he explains. Above all, love is not dying shows the evolution of a young star as he continues his movement to shine, while living life in the process. It’s there that he finds his groove. “I always stand by what gives me meaning in the music,” he says. “I hope people will listen to the music and feel like they’re not alone.”

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