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Supalonely (Lownely)


Is it any surprise that BENEE’s lockdown escape route took a whirlwind fifty date 2022 world tour as its path, and now culminates in the release of a turbocharged electro-banger called “Green Honda”?


Of course it’s not. BENEE is living proof that plotting your own quirky path is the best way to navigate your way back into the big wide world after creating a four billion streaming pandemic pop monster called “Supalonley”.


Now a tour-seasoned 22-year-old, tattoo-addicted, former teen indie pop queen Stella Bennett is very much living in a post-“Supalonely” world.


“Green Honda” came about quickly in a session booked between touring Australia and Europe in early 2022. Stopping in LA for a day’s recording with Swedish writers Elvira Anderfjard and Luka Kloser, Bennett says she literally walked into the studio singing the song’s huge hook.


“We were recording in Max Martin’s West Hollywood compound, it is famous for being Marilyn Monroe’s crashpad in the 1950s,” she says.


“I basically walked in humming and singing ‘I pull up in my green Honda, to tell you that I don’t want ya’ and we all turned and faced each other and went oh shit, that’s the fucking hook.”


The song was written that day and produced collaboratively as Stella returned to the road with her band.


“This is the first session I've actually ever done with two women, so it was a really nice vibe in the room. It was like a bunch of girlfriends hanging out making this banger, so it was a really fun process.”


“I don’t even know what I was really writing about beyond the badass feeling of pulling up to tell someone that was treating me like shit that I didn't want them anymore.”

Getting out of New Zealand was 2022 priority number one for BENEE. Watching “Supalonely” happen had been a crazy experience for a young artist literally trapped in their bedroom.


Touring that beast was a chance to unleash herself on stage, and BENEE took to it with all her technicolored fashion forward energy.


Songs from her latest release, the EP Lychee, rubbed shoulders with tracks from the 2020 album Hey u x and her two breakout EPs from 2019, Stella & Steve and Fire on Marzz.


Her shows reflect the energy of those recordings — genre-hopping, big bopping tunes that packed her instinctive, hyper connective hits alongside her contemplative lyrical side.


Emerging as the dreamy voice of a disaffected generation, BENEE’s list of achievements plot her trajectory from bedroom pop artist in New Zealand to global indie icon with “Supalonely” now certified Double Platinum in the US. 


She has performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Late Night with Seth Meyers.


BENEE has collaborated with a diverse pool of artists including Grimes, Lily Allen, Flo Milli, Joji, Bakar, and more. The highly personal Hey u x was listed as one of Billboard’s 25 Best Pop Albums of 2020.


Billboard noted "Hey U X contemplates the woes of Gen Z with a keen ear for choruses and arrangements that oscillate between indie rock and hyperpop”. It was praised as “quirky but impeccably produced pop music” in Stereogum and “13 tracks of heavenly indie-alt-pop” in Vogue.


Outside of dropping indie pop bangers and selling out tours around the world, BENEE started her own record label Olive, which has signed buzzing New Zealand acts Muroki and There’s A Tuesday.

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