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Youngblood Hawke Q+A

clock January 10, 2013
Youngblood Hawke Q+A

We’re launching our first “Artist Spotlight” of 2013 with Youngblood Hawke. Sam Martin took some time on the even of their Keane tour kick-off  to answer our Qs. Very cool and we thank you!

Youngblood Hawke exploded like gangbusters since the release of “We Come Running” and the subsequent self-titled EP. What has this experience been like?

It feels like we’re living in a dream, it’s hard to believe sometimes!  We feel extremely fortunate that people have been reacting the way they have been.  Simon and I wrote all these songs in his tiny, homemade bedroom studio never expecting such a response.  We’ve been chasing this dream for 10 years, it hasn’t been easy.  There’s been times where we wanted to give up, try something else, but we stuck with it and now we get the chance to show the world our music.  That’s all we ever wanted.

You released another EP recently of remixes of “We Come Running.” What was it like to hear such different interpretations of such a high-powered song? Why was it important to explore those different moods for the song?

We really dig what everyone did with the track!  We wanted each remix to represent a different side of the song, a different style.  That’s exactly what they did!  It was amazing! We wanted to show people the versatility of the lyrics and the overall meaning of the track.  We were blown away how a different musical bed under the lyrics could completely shift the meaning of the song.  It’s a powerful thing.

You kicked off the New Year performing on The Tonight Show! What was that like? Does it set the tone for a successful 2013?

We had a blast on The Tonight Show!  Again, its one of those opportunities you always dream about.  It was such a surreal experience!  It definitely set the tone for 2013 and we can’t wait for the upcoming year.

You kicked off your tour with Keane on Jan 8. Is this the biggest tour you’ve done? How does your music complement Keane’s? Why is this a good match-up?

This is definitely the biggest tour we’ve done!  We really like Keane’s music, they write amazing songs.   Our songs might be a little more upbeat and energetic, but the fit is perfect.  We’ve seen them live and they’re an incredible live band.  We usually like playing with bands that don’t have a similar sound to us, its important to create a night offering the audience a wide array of music.  I think it makes it more entertaining for the audience.

What’s the hardest thing about being on the road? The most fun? What city are you most looking forward to going to and why?

Being away from family, loved ones and friends can get tough sometimes, but we love being on the road.  It’s the life-line of our band!  We love traveling, exploring new cities, going on weird adventures, meeting new people and fans.  Touring is something we always look forward to, its nice to get out of Dodge sometimes, see what’s out there.  We’re looking forward to every city, small and big, but our last gig in NYC at Radio City Music Hall is something we’re really looking forward to.  That venue has so much history.  We can’t wait.


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