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Youngblood Hawke + Interview Magazine

clock May 15, 2013
Youngblood Hawke + Interview Magazine

“[Youngblood Hawke] was my Uncle Mike’s favorite book, and he was kind of this outlaw of the family: poet, super brilliant, with a wonderful beard,” Sam Martin tells Interview Magazine. “He was always telling us stories growing up. And Youngblood Hawke‘s his favorite book. I picked it up at the time we started writing this album, and it blew me away. It just inspired me beyond anything I’ve ever read. The character was from Kentucky and moved to New York to become a writer. So there were a lot of parallels with the book and our lives. Then the name: I thought it was so unique and so cool and it represented us, too. It feels young; it feels completely appropriate.”

Martin talks to Interview about the origin of Youngblood Hawke’s name, what it was like to swim with sharks and much, much more. Read all about it here.

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