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WATCH: RDGLDGRN’s Lootin’ in London

clock July 11, 2013
WATCH: RDGLDGRN’s Lootin’ in London

G-Shock Blog calls Lootin in London a smash of a single and others agree. Hear what the critics say about RDGLDGRN‘s latest hit, Lootin In London (Featuring Angel Haze & Dave Grohl). It’s good!

YMR says “RDGLDGRN’s new track ‘Lootin in London’ is an Angel Haze and Dave Grohl infused spectacular track…When you hear this track it will just get under your skin and almost certainly make you want to hit that play button for a repeat listen. It’s outstandingly good and damn catchy. Get it played.”

Thelineofbestfit.com says, “It’s a long time since  a band came to our attention pushing equal parts attitude, musicianship, big choruses and a simple sense of mischievous fun but DC Go-go trio RDGLDGRN wield those elements in a way that’s not just impressive but intensely compelling.”

“It’s more or less a football chant about the 80’s punk scene”, says band member Green, citing local DC influences like Bad Brains and Minor Threat as the inspiration for the song, the second single from their upcoming debut album, due out next month.

Watch the video:

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