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NEW VIDEO: Until the Ribbon Breaks “2025”

clock June 25, 2013
NEW VIDEO: Until the Ribbon Breaks “2025”

Until the Ribbon Breaks has a new video out for their song, “2025” that will, ironically, take you on a journey back through time.

Pitchfork describes the video as painting a starkly provocative picture of emotional decay. “‘2025’ is a beautiful dirge, a bleak track kept barely afloat by an aching, human sadness.”

XO Magazine describes “2025” as “erasing boundaries of music genre and music grandeur and having just enough bass and hip hop drum elements to make your head bop nostalgically to soulful, yet futuristic vocals.”

“‘2025’ breaks away from those self indulgent themes, and tackles issues responsible for the crumbling of our society – things that we could all pay more attention to,” comments PigeonsandPlanes.com.

Watch it here:

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