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Video Spotlight: James Bay, “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” (Acoustic)

clock June 19, 2014
Video Spotlight: James Bay, “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” (Acoustic)

Watch James Bay‘s acoustic performance video of “If You Ever Want To Be In Love”, directed by Ryan Hamblin:


Here’s what The Music Ninja said about James Bay:

“We’ve had James Bay on our radar since last year, covering ‘Move Together,’ a song dripping with soulful cadence and raw emotions. Fast forward a year and a few months, we had the pleasure of writing up this ahead-of-his-time vocalist’s most recent release, ‘If You Ever Want to Be in Love.’

Carried by the backbone of a booming piano melody, this beautifully produced, heartfelt single off of the Let It Go EP possesses an undeniable charm that carries across generations of music lovers effortlessly. While the instrumentals are second to none, they are elevated to an entirely different level with the raspy yet refined vocals of Mr. Bay.

One would be crazy to argue against that last point, especially when given the opportunity to watch this acoustic version. Coupled only with a guitar, we find the inescapable raw captivation displayed right in front of our eyes, leaving us only one option: swoon.”


+ Get James Bay’s new EP, Let It Go on iTunes here!


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