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Until the Ribbon Breaks is one of SPIN Magazine’s 5 Best New Artists

clock June 5, 2013
Until the Ribbon Breaks is one of SPIN Magazine’s 5 Best New Artists

Until the Ribbon Breaks has been doing some amazing things these days. Here’s what SPIN Magazine had to say:

“Cardiff’s Pete Lawrie Winfield makes experimental electronic ballads that never let you get comfortable, Hollywood movie singer-songwriter cuts interrupted by a strange burst of computerized weirdness or wrapped up in sentiments not quite ready for prime time. A visual analogue for this music was established by Winfield himself, who reassembled footage from David Lynch’s Lost Highway for the “Pressure” music video.”

SPIN describes “Pressure” as a highlight that mixes hammy lounge piano and helium-voiced robot wails.” Watch it here:


Okayfuture.com boasts further about Until The Ribbon Breaks (Pete Lawrie) as a producer, who recently released a remix of The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games,” calling the accompanying music video a “true one-of-a-kind.”  The visual re-imagination of “Wicked Games” features an engaging collage of scenes from David Lynch’s 1997 film Lost Highway, adding to the profundity and expressiveness of The Weeknd’s music.

Detailsofmylife.net describes the video as “a hypnotic & seductive production.” See the NSFW video for yourself:

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