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Until The Ribbon Breaks in WILD Magazine

clock September 30, 2013
Until The Ribbon Breaks in WILD Magazine

The WILD magazine sits down with Until The Ribbon Breaks to discuss his music and the making of his ever-so-vivid music videos:

Pete Lawrie Winfield is a student of film, so it’s no surprise that his music, under the guise of Until The Ribbon Breaks, feels made for the big screen. He composes music in front of a projector; the silent visuals help set the mood. What results are glitchy hip hop scores and downtempo electronica serenades to lost lovers. The songs themselves illuminate a story in the listener’s mind, but Winfield brings it full circle with cinematic video clips that serve to bring his characters to life.

Tell us about your first instrument.
It was gold, it had some wear and tear, it was a present from my Grandfather. It was a trumpet. I never gave it a name and I regret that now. For a while a few years later, I used it as a vase. Poor thing

What have you been up to lately?
I have been enjoying a late summer in New York. I have forgotten how to cook and I am forever writing the opening line of a book I have been trying to write for at least a decade.

Who or what do you use as reference when making music?
I use film. I write with a film projector in the room. I find that the marriage of both image and sound is a more powerful assault on the senses. Next year I intend to release an album that also includes scent.

How do you go about constructing a song?
I start with the drums, I create a mood, a framework, enough to let the mind wander. The music determines the subject matter, Once I have that, I pace and pace until I have the words. The writing of the words for me, is the most enjoyable and immersive aspect. I love the sound of words.

Your videos are full of strong imagery–very cinematic, even Lynchian. How do you tie visual to your sounds?
I took a degree in film making, more specifically editing and grew up making skateboarding videos of my friends and then making the soundtrack. I care less about narrative and more about the cinematography, which lends itself more to making visuals for music.

Read the full interview at thewildmagazine.com


WATCH: Until The Ribbon Breaks “Pressure”

Grab Until The Ribbon Break’s EP, A Taste of Silver, on iTunes, and check him out on tour in support of Lorde.


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