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Ultra takeover!

clock March 21, 2013
Ultra takeover!

Basketball fans have March Madness but if you’re more a dancer than a baller there’s some madness for you, as well.  We’re talking about the Ultra Music Festival down in MIA, which kicked off two weekends of shows this past Friday March, 16th and wraps up Sunday March 24th with Casablanca/Republic international superstars Bingo Players, Crystal Castles and Alesso.  And those three aren’t the only Casablanca/Republic EDM artists doing their thing and getting the crowd (and by crowd we mean an audience expected to top 300, 000) fired up down in the Sunshine State. On March 22nd returning champion Avicii hits the stage followed the next night by label mates Sub Focus, who along with Alesso, TJR and Otto Knows are making their Ultra Music Festival debut.

You know how there’s nothing worse than somebody going on and on about that great show you missed? Well, sorry but unless you were down in Miami during Ultra’s opening weekend you missed a great show; actually make that shows. The festival kicked off with sets from Crystal Castles, Sub Focus, Avicii and Bingo Players who, on their Facebook page thanked Miami for “going out of your mind”.  Not to be outdone Avicii also showed the fans love and set the stage for his upcoming performance by writing on FB,  “I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for that show.”  Are you packing your bag for Miami yet?

Unless you have been living under a rock (and if that’s the case, accept our sincere apologies for what must have been an awful situation) you’re tots aware that EDM is one of today’s most explosive music scenes. EDM is almost single handily responsible for turning the world into one giant, sweaty, sexy and just full on amped up dance party.  Like the saying goes, it ain’t over till it’s over and Ultra Music Festival ain’t over yet. But if you can’t make the trip or have run out of glow sticks you can still get your club on by picking up the latest releases from Casablanca/Republic’s EDM heavy hitters.

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