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#ThrowbackThursday: Nelly

clock July 4, 2013
#ThrowbackThursday: Nelly

Nelly must have been paying attention when his mama told him to make a good first impression. That’s cause his debut Country Grammar (2000) not only sold 8.4 million copies (that’s like the population of NYC) but also the single and title track went to #1. You know you loved it: catchy as all get out. Plus it made shimmy shimmy cocoa pop sound kinda diiirty. And the video! Like city correspondent Stefon says, it had everything. Bouncing cars! Product placement! Half dressed girls in short shorts! BBQ, and adorable children dancing.

But Country Grammar was just the jump-off. Next, Nelly took us to Nellyville, which is just past Funky Town.  And while in Nellyville, Nelly asked the musical question, “Yo. Is it me, or is it “Hot in Herre?” Answer, yes, so take off all your clothes…

But just in case you thought Nelly was only all about getting hot – like literally- girls to disrobe, he came through with the sweetly sexy “Dilemma” ft our girl Kelly Rowland.

Nelly kept up with the heat and clothes vibe with 2004’s dual-releases Sweat and Suit and then two years later came the compilation Sweatsuit  (the man knows how to work a theme). Since then Nelly’s been doing a lil acting, he’s on BET’s hit The Real House Husbands of Hollywood and, oh yeah, his brand new single “Get Like Me” ft Nicki Minaj and Pharrell, is fiyah.  And Nelly is certainly familiar with heat.

But speaking of the temperature, here are some of the things that make Nelly so cool…and hot.

Oh no he didn’t. Oh,yes he did!!! Come out rockin’ a band-aid!

He put St. Louis on the map

Made Air Force 1’s famous-er

(h/t Complex)

Re-named the juicy double


And he went…country, for real?

And speaking of hot, THIS is no accident!

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