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#ThrowbackThursday: Kelly Rowland

clock June 27, 2013
#ThrowbackThursday: Kelly Rowland

It seems like only yesterday that Kelly Rowland was wondering which “bugaboo” was gonna pay her “bills, bills, bills.”  After enjoying oodles of success with her Destiny’s Child sisters, it was time for this independent woman to strike out on her own. While her solo debut, Simply Deep, yielded the cute and racy “Dilemma” duet with Nelly, Here I Am would usher in a new era of grown & sexy for Kelendria. The album was aptly titled because if you were unclear as to what Ms. Kelly was about, her album left no doubt about it.  Of course Kelly was no stranger to hits or the charts; but even though we knew her so, Here I Am made it very plain that Kelly Rowland was way more than the girl next door.  The album was playful, bangin’, emotional and sexy. Listen to “Motivation” (ft Lil Wayne) and you figure out if there’s any room for ambiguity. And that video! Go Kelly, get your freak on!  Plus she looked siiick!

Now that her fans knew that Kelly had so many sides to her personality it made sense that her brand new album Talk a Good Game would go even deeper. You’ve heard the buzz, read the blogs; yeah, this is the album with the oh-no-she-didn’t sensation “Dirty Laundry,” and the steamy “Kisses Down Low” — do we have to draw you a diagram to figure out what Kelly’s talking about? To top it all off, she’s just signed on to be a judge on X Factor.

Here she is. For sure.

Here are some of the most Kelly-licious moments thus far:

They don’t call it “destiny” for nothin’!

Turns out that someone was more of a “survivor” than any of us realized.

Hey boo!

And yeah, Kelly can act too!

And she can blow!

Straight fiyah!

Methinks someone just about stole the Super Bowl halftime show…

Getting super duper real. Kelly is overcome with emotion while performing “Dirty Laundry”recently:

Get your copy of Talk A Good Game here.

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