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#ThrowbackThursday: Jay Sean

clock July 11, 2013
#ThrowbackThursday: Jay Sean

Before Jay Sean was Jay Sean he was Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, a nice Punjabi boy growing up in London whose parents wanted him to become a doctor.  Mr. and Mrs. Jhooti’s dreams almost came true; that’s until the former A student – oh, make that straight-A student dropped out of medical school to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. Although it is difficult to balance saving lives with making hits, survey says that our man Jay made the right move. Or at least that’s what the multiple millions of fans around the world must think. After all, they made his 2009 Cash Money Records debut “Down” huge. Like, 10 million copies worldwide huge. But while “Down” and the CD All or Nothing were his first American releases Jay was already big back in the UK- and then some.

As part of the UK Asian underground scene, Jay Sean (the name comes from his nickname Jay and “shaan,” Punjabi for “pride” or “shining star”) scored two Top Ten UK solo hits and helped launch Bhangra /R&B fusion – think: the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack meets R.Kelly. Or something like that.

Jay’s “Ride It” caught the eye and ear of Cash Money Millionaires’ Baby and, just like that, Jay Sean is rolling with CMM and has one of those fat-ass diamond chains.  “Down” made the Billboard Top 100, making Jay the first solo South Asian artist AND UK urban artist to pull that off. That’s a whole messa firsts. Which is a genius segue to Jay’s second CD, Neon. Available for pre-order on I-Tunes as we speak, Neon features “Mars,” with guest Rick Ross, who is of South Floridian heritage. As we await the arrival of Neon, here’s some reasons why Jay Sean rocks our world.

He’s been described as a one-man boy band.

When he was a teen, he and his cousin formed a hip-hop duo named Compulsive Disorder. Which sounds like a medical condition. Which, had Jay stayed in school, he could have treated!

Jay’s nom-de-rap was Nicki J. Meditate on the idea of a Nicki J/Nicki Minaj collabo.

In 2008 “Ride It” was #7 in Japan and one of the biggest selling songs of the year in Romania.  Bucharest in the hiz-house! Which means that unlike Rob Base, Jay Sean is internationally known.

He attended the same high school as Hugh Grant; not at the same time, but still.

Jay’s the most successful British/European male urban artist in US chart history; like evah evah.

He’s really cute.

If Jay’s last name were Carter he’d be Jay Sean Carter.

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