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#ThrowbackThursday: AFI

clock August 1, 2013
#ThrowbackThursday: AFI

Sometimes, you’re sitting by yourself, trying to figure out if all yogurt containers get recycled or just the big ones. And it’s during those “me” times that you start to wonder just when the hell is there going to be some new music from AFI? Finally, the wait is over. The future is now. Or this fall, since that’s when AFI’s new album Burials is being released.  The album, features “I Hope You Suffer”, (which is totally great but as the title indicates, clearly NOT the feel good song of the summer) and it’s available on iTunes; we will pause while you buy it. None less than Rolling Stone noted that “I Hope You Suffer” is “an ornate brand of misery…a lush labor of love”. Burials is going to be dope.

AFI (A Fire Inside) was formed in 1991 and has undergone a few changes in personnel you know how bands do.  Since 1998 the line-up has been Davey Havok, Adam Carson, Hunter Burgan and Jade Puget; both Havok and Carson are original members.

Between 1991-1999 AFI released a series of indie EPs and three albums including Black Sails in the Sunset (1999), which was the first to make some significant noise.  The following year came The Art of Drowning. It went to #174 on the Billboard Top 200 and #9 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers album chart. But you- or rather AFI- didn’t stop. 2003’s Sing the Sorrow was #5 on the Billboard Top 200 and the video for “Girls Not Grey” was nominated in MTV’s Video Music Award’s MTV2 categorySing the Sorrow would sell upwards of a million copies. By now AFI was selling out larger and larger venues, which only meant that when it came time for their next album stakes were high. Decemberunderground –which featured the single “Miss Murder” went to #1 on the Billboard 200 and Hot Modern Rock Tracks and also sold over one million copies. Crash Love (2009) continued the band’s winning streak and further sealed their status as one of the premier and most creatively adventurous goth-punk groups.

Since Burials isn’t available till the fall, you might want to get your AFI fix by snagging some tickets to one of their sure to be sold out shows. Tickets just went on sale; we will pause while you purchase some. And while you’re punching in your credit card numbers, here are some AFI fun facts:


AFI was formed in Ukiah, California.


Along with being the largest city in Mendocino County, Ukiah is known as the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.


It’s also the home of serial killer Leonard Lake.


Burials was recorded at the same studio where the Beach Boys recorded their classic Pet Sounds; the two albums sound nothing alike.


The studio’s décor featured a plastic black stallion with a lamp on its head.


Davey Havok told a reporter that before he started to write Burials the game plan was to switch gears to songs that were a tad less brooding.


Oops. His bad.


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