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The Last Bison + The Swerve Magazine

clock December 7, 2012
The Last Bison + The Swerve Magazine

The Last Bison answers some key questions for The Swerve Magazine, including the inevitability of comparisons:

SM: Being compared to Arcade Fire, The Decemberists and Fleet Foxes out of the gate is pretty heady company, where does the band go next?

LB: Sometimes this journey feels like walking off a cliff in the fog. We never saw the step and are unsure where we are going to land. We didn’t start off looking for comparisons (but are certainly highly honored by them.) We are just trying to create music that is beautiful, good, and true. We can make our plans but we trust that God’s purposes will prevail. Next on the immediate horizon is to tour. We are finishing out 2012 with a few more shows in the Northeast and will head out on a national run of shows, including SXSW and other festivals in 2013. The band is hungry to write new material and we are looking forward to some down time in December and January to dive into the creative process.

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