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The Last Bison + By The Light Of The Stereo

clock December 13, 2012
The Last Bison + By The Light Of The Stereo

The Last Bison talks to By The Light of The Stereo about the origin of the their name, the war of the Virginias, and sharing small spaces with all those band members!

“It’s a tight fit when we squeeze 7 band members along with a few support people into a van for long periods of time. The close quarters with very little time away from each other can create tension. It certainly creates opportunity to live in community, practice patience, and learn to accept and live with personality differences and the various needs of each person. Opinions vary not only artistically but even when it comes to what to eat, where to sleep, how clean the van should be, and what music to listen to. It’s a continual process of learning to love and like each other!”

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