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The Avett Brothers: Rollicking on the Road

clock July 4, 2013
The Avett Brothers: Rollicking on the Road

The Avett Brothers have been hitting the road pretty hard this summer and fans and critics alike can’t seem to get enough!

The Avett Brothers often thundered like the rockers they were before getting in touch with the bluegrass tradition of their native North Carolina…And, indeed, it proved that banjos, cellos and upright basses can pack as much of a wallop as a swarm of electric guitars. (TwinCities.com) …the emotional centerpiece of their performance came when the two namesake brothers played “Ten Thousand Words” and “When I Drink” as a tightly harmonized acoustic duo, a style reprised later for the pre-encore finale “Life.” (Minneapolos Star Tribune). The Avett Brothers are possibly the best example of how the live music experience can be far beyond what you might expect from listening to the recorded material. (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

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