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The Avett Brothers + Diffuser.fm

clock April 10, 2013
The Avett Brothers + Diffuser.fm

“There’s a great benefit to not being from Los Angeles or New York, or even Atlanta or D.C. There’s very little competition. And it gives you a sense of calm to not be surrounded by that cultural activity, in a way. North Carolina has been so good to us and so nourishing to us. And a lot of the epicenters are a few hours away. Atlanta is only four hours away, so that¹s not a big deal. New York City is only 10 hours away, so we could get up early and be there by late afternoon.”

Seth Avett talks to Diffuser.fm about working with Rick Rubin, audience reactions to their new album, the pluses and minuses of being for North Carolina and more. Read all about it here.

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