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15 Best Instagram Photos Of Drake In The Studio

clock September 4, 2013
15 Best Instagram Photos Of Drake In The Studio

Drake is putting in work right now! And he has been for quite some time. Ever since he announced that he was starting to put together his third album, Nothing Was the Same, early last year, he’s been hard at work in the studio. And you know how we know that? Because he broadcasts his hard work through his Instagram page. All. The. Time. Recently, he even put up a picture of the bed that he installed in the studio so that he can sleep while recording new songs! How crazy is that?

To show you exactly how crazy it is, we sifted through Drizzy’s Instagram page recently and grabbed some of the best studio shots that he’s taken while recording Nothing Was the Same. If you don’t think the Toronto MC is grinding his behind off right now to prepare a classic album for you, just check out the visual evidence below. Like we said, Drake is putting in work

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