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The 10 Coolest Fashion Trends On The Capitol Couture Site Inspired By “The Hunger Games”

clock September 10, 2013
The 10 Coolest Fashion Trends On The Capitol Couture Site Inspired By “The Hunger Games”

It’s Fashion Week in New York City. And you know what that means, right? It’s time for all of the fashion designers out there to put up or shut up when it comes to their new collections. Fashion Week will make or break collections—and, more importantly, entire careers—over the course of the next few days. So fashion is a huge deal in the Big Apple right now.

Fashion is also a huge deal in Panem, the fictional nation from the hit book/movie series The Hunger Games. It’s such a big deal that the producers of The Hunger Games created a special site called Capitol Couture last year that highlights all of the latest and greatest fashion trends from Panem and inspired by Panem. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should definitely take a look at the Capitol Couture site over here (there is also a great Capitol Couture Instagram page over here and there will even be a real Capitol Couture clothing line launching later this year to coincide with the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!). But before you check it out, we put together a list of the 10 coolest trends that have been highlighted on the Capitol Couture site inspired by The Hunger Games. Take a look at them below.


Trend #1: Accessorizing like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games with gold and gunmetal Maria Black jewelry.

A piece of jewelry can help define your entire look. In The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen proves it by wearing jewelry that leaves an impression. As Capitol Couture points out, you can do it, too, by wearing gold and gunmetal jewelry designed by the likes of jewelry designer Maria Black.


Trend #2: Wrapping your body in a custom gown that is designed specifically for you like Johanna Mason.

Accessorizing is very important. But before you accessorize, you need to make sure that your main outfit fits you well. Capitol Couture points this out by pointing out  a custom-made dress created for District 7 victor Johanna Mason that is made of cork and bark tissue. It might sound strange, but it compliments her frame well and also adds a lot of personality to her entire look.


Trend #3: Wearing wonderful wigs that accent every part of your face.

During The Hunger Games, Effie Trinket has a seemingly endless supply of wigs. She wears one for every occasion. So Capitol Couture provides some tips for wearing a wig. Make sure you pay attention to your face shape, the fibers used within your wig, and the styling of the wig’s hair to make the most of your wig.


Trend #4: Putting a really bold twist on an otherwise classic and contemporary design.

Most everything worn in The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire includes at least one bold accessory or some other bold twist on it to make it look unique. On Capitol Couture, designer Juun. J was profiled recently. And he said that he makes a habit out of adding bold elements to things like simple trench coats and suit jackets to make them look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Trend #5: Incorporating hits of gold and animal prints into clothing.

Caesar Flickerman—the host of the Hunger Games in The Hunger Games—routinely wears clothing that features gold and animal prints, and he makes it work. Capitol Couture points this out and makes a case for fashion designers working it into their own design concepts.


Trend #6: Rocking flowers with a lapel.

In The Hunger Games, President Snow is a big fan of wearing a rose with his lapel. “When citizens ask why I wear a rose,” he says, “I simply tell them: A flower, when on one’s lapel, is never just a flower. It is a statement and even a promise.” Remember that the next time you have to get dressed up to go somewhere fancy.


Trend #7: Finishing off a look with fabulous fake lashes.

Just about all of the women in The Hunger Games wear fake lashes to big events like galas and celebrations. It’s necessary to complete a look. So Capitol Couture encourages you to find the right lashes for your mood so that you can let your eyes do your talking for you.


Trend #8: Wearing Rodarte shoes that are “understated yet killer” just like The Hunger Games.

When Capitol Couture pointed out some of the latest shoes from Rodarte recently, they described them as “Hunger Games casual—understated yet killer.” And after seeing some of the looks that they pointed out, like the one above, we couldn’t agree more. Fierce.


Trend #9: Looking your best, even when you’re working out!

Everyone does their best to look nice when they’re going to a big event. But what about when you’re just going for a run or going to the gym? Capitol Couture encourages you to dress well when you’re doing those kinds of things as well by investing in custom-made training gear created by the likes of Lucas Hugh. You’ll look like you belong in The Hunger Games right next to Katniss when you’re rocking a custom outfit to keep yourself in shape.


Trend #10: Creating trends instead of simply following them.

Can you really label this one a “trend”? We say yes. On Capitol Couture, brother/sister designing team Nicholas K talks about creating new trends by using natural resources to give classic looks, like a leather jacket, a new twist. And really, isn’t setting trends what fashion is supposed to be all about?

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