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Soundcheck Session With Baby Bee

clock July 14, 2013
Soundcheck Session With Baby Bee

“Hailing from Southern Louisiana, rock duo (and occasional trio) Baby Bee are busting onto the scene with their own unique brand of high-octane blues rock.” –last.fm

Last.fm goes on to describe, “A self proclaimed ‘back-to-basics’ band, Baby Bee’s musical sophistication contests the notion, as they take a historical laundry list of musical nuances and mash them into the face of every drunken party-rocker before they realize what hit them. The sons of musician parents, and no strangers to boozy Mardi Gras parties, these brothers play their brand of music with one foot in the swamp and the other in a pool of infectious pop melodies. The band has an instinctual inclination to write songs with big choruses and a boogie beat that makes everyone want to move their feet.”


Listen to their soundcheck at Mercury Lounge NYC, interview to follow:


…And don’t miss their knockout live performance of “High Heel Leather Boots”

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