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Republic at Coachella

clock April 11, 2013
Republic at Coachella

With Coachella fast approaching, the haters are buzz buzzing from here to Cali, but as Four Pins points out:

Don’t Worry About People Who Hate Coachella

A lot of people hate Coachella. And I’m going to say something that you might not want to hear, but a lot of people hate everything you like…you’re not going to convince people who don’t like Coachella that it’s fun and nothing’s worse than people trying to prove something is cool. My other point is, who the f#ck cares? Just drink a beer and find an Australian to give you drugs (they always have drugs) and listen to some music and lighten up a little.

So, to everyone going, have fun and be safe. To those of us stuck someplace else, you can watch live here:

And rock out to our official Coachella Playlist:

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