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Q&A With Lorde on Bullett.com

clock September 8, 2013
Q&A With Lorde on Bullett.com

When you hear the words 16 year old pop star, you expect a certain amount of flash and excess to come with it. Just how the game is played now. Perhaps that’s why “Royals” from Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, is such a pleasant surprise. The song, which went to #1 in the singles chart in her home country New Zealand, is introspective in a way that you don’t often hear from teenagers.

Bullett asked the burgeoning star to tell us more about the song. Read the full interview at Bullett.com.


What’s “Royals” about? Is it anti the materialist stuff you sing about, or a celebration of it?

It’s not so much a declaration of dislike for the stuff I namedrop, more calling ‘bullshit’ on it all. I thought it was time someone in popular music was saying what everyone my age was thinking: we don’t even have licenses, let alone Maybachs. I enjoy listening to music with really lavish, opulent stuff talked about, but purely on a shallow level;  ”Royals” was me trying to get real.


WATCH: Lorde “Royals”

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