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PSY returns with “Gentleman” – watch the video now!

clock April 13, 2013
PSY returns with “Gentleman” – watch the video now!

The long-awaited follow-up to “Gangnam Style” has arrived:

As reported by MTV.com:

“Gentleman” is “is harder-hitting and more EDM-infused.” MTV continues: “Set to a thumping, club-ready beat, Psy‘s ‘Gentleman’ shares a few characteristics with ‘Gangnam Style,’ namely the Korean-to-English language mashup and a similar rhythmic buildup to the chorus breakdown. Instead of ‘oppan Gangnam Style!,’ it’s ‘Mother-Father-Gentleman!,’ followed by ‘Damn girl, you so freaking sexy’ and ‘Gonna make you sweat/ Gonna make you wet/ You know who I am.’ The similarities end there, however, as ‘Gentleman,’ with its drum machines and floor-shattering EDM darts, is more of a straight electropop club tune than a viral trend piece.”

Read the whole piece here.

And hear “Gentleman” right here:

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