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Pride, In the Name of Love

clock June 23, 2013
Pride, In the Name of Love

By most accounts the very first Gay Pride Parade took place in New York City way back in 1970. Since then the Gay Pride Parade (now called the LGBT Parade) has expanded from one day in NYC to a full month of events throughout the country, and even overseas. Whatever your preference, labels just don’t mean a thing; Pride Month is a time to celebrate tolerance, friendship, love, self-expression and just plain old shaking your groove thang.

Since we at Republic are all about love AND shaking our groove thang, here are a few suggestions to how you can get your pride on.

5 – Dig out your old Sylvester or Cher records.
4 – Make like Ellen and Lady Gaga and just dance.
3 – Rock your rainbow gear and head out to a parade.
2 – Have a kiki. Hell. Have two.
1 – Keep our Pride Playlist on repeat

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