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PICS OF THE WEEK: Your Favorite Artists Dress Up (and Down) for Halloween 2013

clock November 7, 2013
PICS OF THE WEEK: Your Favorite Artists Dress Up (and Down) for Halloween 2013

You can always count on seeing a sexy nurse, a witch, and one of those Scream masks on Halloween… Always. Some call it trite, some call it tradition, but not at Republic! Boy, did we get our hands on some sweet pics of our Republic fam. We bring you one costume you might not expect, a couple simultaneously sexy and hilarious, a set of doppelgangers, and one you’ll just want to roll up in a ball and smooch like crazy.

Firstly, the sparkly-eyed young beauty who generally emanates pure sunshine in her gait reaaally made the record rip with her macabre costume as a vampiress. Ariana Grande traded in cute for cult, popping in some icy contact lenses, vampire teeth, and covered herself in fake blood. Since we aren’t used to seeing her this way, it was a scary surprise costume, but somehow she still managed to look gorgeous!
photo: Instagram

Two smokin’ fashionistas on our roster are Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton. Here, Nicki is paid homage by the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres, with wig, fake cleave and all. 8 jillion points for crackin’ us up, Ellen!
photo: Daily Mail UK

Paris pulled off a seriously stellar Miley costume, replicating Miley’s VMA bear costume to a tee. Sexy and funny, Paris. What a babe. (And that costume was sooo good!)
Paris Hilton dressed up as Miley Cyrus arrives at the Playboy Mansion for a halloween party in Los Angeles
photo: Huffington Post

Next, we have the Lonely Island as… The Lonely Island? Nope. Some crafty fans put together costumes that look JUST like the photo of our favorite funny boys on the cover of their second album, “Turtleneck & Chain”. Lookin’ good, dudes!
photos: Twitter, Twitter

And last, but most definitely not least, we have a post-Halloween treat for you: The smooth and sexy artist we all know and love, Drake, was the cutest little Ninja Turtle, Raphael, back in the day. We know you were trying to be tough, but you just look totally adorbs, Drake!
photo: Instagram

We hope you all had a fun, safe Halloween, and we can’t wait to see what the crew does next year!

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