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Paul Hinojos Joins TMV

clock May 29, 2005
Paul Hinojos Joins TMV

In a move certain to inspire speculation and rumors, Sparta guitarist and former at the drive in member, Paul Hinojos, has quit Sparta and has joined the Mars Volta, effective immediately. Assuming the sound manipulation duties of the late Jeremy Ward, Hinojos’ role within the band will initially be confined to the off stage audio acrobatics that Ward (who died in 2003) had become reknowned for. Volta band leader Omar Rodriguez – Lopez is adamant that Hinojos will eventually share the stage with his bandmates during live performances. “My time with Sparta has run its course, and simply wasn’t fun anymore,” commented Hinojos in los angeles last week. Hinojos, who in 2003 joined the mars volta briefly after Wards untimely death, decided to accept the open invitation from Rodriguez Lopez to rejoin the band at his leisure. “We’ve been friends since we were kids, played in bands together for years, and Paul was close to Jeremy,” commented omar, “its always been clear to me that Paul was the only person wod be appropriate to take Jeremy’s place and fill what we feel is an integral role within the band”
Hinojos rejoined Omar and co. midway through their current us tour, although out of courtesy it was decided to leave it to the Sparta camp to make the initial announcement of pauls departure.

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