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Pacific Air’s “Move” a must for your Summer Playlist

clock June 15, 2013
Pacific Air’s “Move” a must for your Summer Playlist

Pacific Air, formerly known as KO KO, present us with the upbeat tune “Move.” This track is a must for your summer playlist. If you aren’t convinced, read what critics are saying below.

“Move” is on their upcoming album Stop Talking out now.

Read the reviews:

“True to its name, the song makes the listener want to do just that, move. The brother duo have a bright future ahead of them with their fairly old song ‘Float‘ still getting more and more well-deserved attention. Hopefully, ‘Float’ acts as a gateway so that their new music can reach even more ears.”  – HyperTrak

“’Move,’ is an all around fun tropical anthem characteristic of the duo’s other sunshine-flooding singles. Much their earlier releases, ‘Move’ is built upon tidy drum work, infectious hand claps and uplifting vocals which you can help but sing along to. So, if you are still looking for that perfect summer anthem, give this track a spin down below and prepare to be basked in feel-good vibes.” – Indie Current

“’Move’ is an extremely catchy and upbeat track that  shows the improvement the band continues to make with each new song they release. I think that with the infectious chorus and melodies of this song, it has the potential to be a total game changer for this band. – The Kollection

Watch the video here:

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