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Otto Knows + Culture Mag

clock December 18, 2012
Otto Knows + Culture Mag

Culture Magazine talks to Otto Knows about standing out amongst the proliferation of DJs out now, working with Imogen Heap, and his success in the U.K.:

“Making great music is the key to success in my opinion. If you want to make something stand out you need to give it a soul. Now that everybody can put four kicks in a row on a computer and make a track, the musicality became a true added value. I think nowadays there are probably more producers than DJs: we are in a completely different context. This is really exciting for us to go out and play the music we spend so much time and efforts for to other people. I feel amazingly lucky and humble to be one of these guys who can actually make their music, travel the world and play it for a living.”

Read more here.

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