Most artists face adversity on the path to realizing their dreams.

That hard fought battle makes success all the more sweet. Pavlova first settled in Kiev, Ukraine, where she released three popular singles, and began performing in the city’s hottest clubs regularly. However, war broke out and sent the entire country into upheaval, disarray, and chaos. As it was dangerous to stay there, the singer, dancer, and performer made it out of Ukraine safely, briefly relocating lost and disillusioned.

“In Ukraine, music was the last thing on anybody’s mind at that time,” she sighs. “I was scared and depressed for a couple of months. I just didn’t do anything. After that, I realized, ‘I have to go to America and start my career.’ It was my sign. I went for it.”

Trekking across the world, Pavlova touched down in Los Angeles and immediately began working on music at studios around the city. Gracefully gliding between powerhouse pop hooks, dance floor-ready bombast, and club energy, she quietly honed an inimitable style equally informed by a classical background and reverence for popular music. The artist’s early demos caught the attention of Republic Records who signed her in early 2016.

Now, Pavlova’s official debut single “Burn Brighter” stands primed to catch fire on impact. With production from GRAMMY® Award-winning producers Detail [Beyoncé, Drake, Lil Wayne] and Diplo [Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber], the track showcases her stunning and soulful pipes soaring over an entrancing and engaging musical backdrop.

“I couldn’t believe I was working with the best producers in the game,” she smiles. “It was a dream come true, and we instantly got on the same page. The song is about love and the passion that makes you feel alive. Because of my love for music, I left home in the middle of a War to do this. It speaks to whatever your passion is. Hold onto it and let it shine.”

Pavlova started working towards this dream as a child in the tiny town of Novohrad-Volynskyi, Ukraine. She begged her mom for the chance to attend a music school. After enrolling at the age of eight, she became the lead vocalist in the choir, eventually joining the local folk band. When not on stage performing, she spent countless hours studying American music online and immersing herself in everything from Beyoncé, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Shakira to 2Pac and Jay-Z. At the urging of her parents, she took a break from music to attend university before picking it back up in Kiev post-graduation. She couldn’t keep away for too long…

With a forthcoming EP on deck, Pavlova stands ready to burn brighter than ever before.

“I hope people can relate to my music,” she leaves off. “I went through all of this adversity, and nothing stopped me from doing what I wanted to. Coming from my town, everyone said it was impossible for me to become a global singer. My goal is to represent the vision for women in the Ukraine," she leaves off. "They are really strong. Through ups and downs in life, I want to be the example and burn brighter.”