Republic Is Saddened and Completely Heartbroken …



It's with the heavy heart that we write you this post.
Simon left us Sunday night after years of battle against cancer. He fought like a lion to the end and all the testimonies he received, the love and support that you communicated to him on stage and in life gave him the strength to hold. Concerts were his vital strength and allowed him to continue fighting this whole time. Thank you.
Simon was my best friend, my colleague, my gun brother. Together, we made a promise. The promise to continue costs this magnificent adventure. It is now his legacy that I carry in me and it is my will and that of the entire team of her to continue to take our music as far as possible.
We will continue the concerts and will be on stage at Rock en Seine on August 26 We will also finish our first album, for him, for us and for you.
The only thing I want in the deepest part of me is to make him proud and to go to the end of the dream we've shared for now 10 years. All our thoughts turn today as yesterday and tomorrow, towards Simon's family and his loved ones.

Photo taken by Diane Moyssan at the festival festival, last concert by Simon and one of the best