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NEW VIDEO: Austin Mahone “What About Love”

clock June 11, 2013
NEW VIDEO: Austin Mahone “What About Love”

Austin Mahone unveiled the video for “What About Love” and it’s reached instant MTV Buzzworthy-ness. They recap:

“Directed by Colin Tilley, ‘What About Love’ kicks off with Austin and a gorgeous girl on vacation, where they’re laughing, taking beach selfies, and playing in the ocean. Suddenly it’s all over — Austin’s alone and staring forlornly in a motel mirror. Looks like his girlfriend just straight-up ditched him mid-vacation! Now all that’s left for Austin to do is angry-dance with his crew and follow his ex out of the motel, asking, ‘What about love? What about our promises?’ Oh GAWD, we feel the pain.”

If you’ve ever been ditched, here’s your jam:

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