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Muscle Shoals Soundtrack Available for Preorder

clock September 11, 2013
Muscle Shoals Soundtrack Available for Preorder

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Muscle Shoals, Alabama is the unlikely breeding ground for some of the most creative and defiant music in American history. In this movie legendary artists including Aretha Franklin, Greg Allman, Bono, Clarence Carter, Jimmy Cliff, Mick Jagger, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Wilson Pickett, Keith Richards, Percy Sledge, Steve Winwood and others bear witness to the magnetism and mystery of Muscle Shoals and why it remains a global influence today.

“Muscle Shoals is the best documentary of the year. Not just the best music documentary, but the best documentary period.”Michael Dunaway, Film editor, Paste Magazine

“EPIC!”Adam Gold, Rolling Stone

Muscle Shoals

Watch the trailer:



1. Arthur Alexander ³You Better Move On²
2. Jimmy Hughes “Steal Away”
3. Percy Sledge “When A Man Loves A Woman”
4. Aretha Franklin “I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You)
5. Etta James “Tell Mama”
6. Clarence Carter “Patches”
7. Wilson Pickett “Hey Jude”
8. LynyrdSkynyrd “Free Bird (Original Muscle Shoals Version)”
9.  The Staple Singers “I’ll Take You There”
10. Jimmy Cliff “Sitting In Limbo”
11. Traffic “(Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired”
12. Paul Simon “Kodachrome”
13. Alicia Keys “Pressing On”


Muscle Shoals Accolades

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