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Message From John Kosco

clock March 16, 2005
<b>Message From John Kosco</b>

Hello Everyone. Id first like to thank all of you who have shown there love and support for our music and touring efforts. I wish we had done much more touring in the last months but our momentum had been crippled by strict limitations. I assure you on behalf of the rest of the guys we would be out right now. After the touring tease last year with Smack and Drowning Pool weve developed even more of an insatiable appetite for the road and all its bounty. Its infuriating to be told you cant do something. So instead of sitting around being frustrated, Dropbox has been working on numerous projects individually and all that is Dropbox. We hope this news finds you all well and please believe that Rock Aint Dead!
Dig that,
John Kosco

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