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Mat Kearney + Hawaii + love

clock February 21, 2013
Mat Kearney + Hawaii + love

Mat Kearney played Hawaii for the first time. Given his family history with the island, this was a pretty cool trip for him.

He shares his thoughts in this week’s Artist Spotlight.

Given your unique relationship with Hawaii, what’s it like for you to perform there?
It was really special. My parents were married in Hawaii, my brother lived there, I’ve always gone but had never been able to play there.

How does the Hawaiian crowd compare to audiences back on the mainland?
Every crowd is different, but the shows we played in Hawaii had a special feel. It felt like both myself and the crowd has been waiting for me to get there and made it a special night.

Your dad met your mom in Hawaii. Did you spend time there as a child? If yes, how did that influence your musical worldview?
I wrote a song called ‘Rochester’ about the whole thing. My dad was a deckhand on a snorkel boat and my mom was a mermaid on a glass bottom boat.  They met and were married in weeks, barefoot on the beach. I don’t know exactly how Hawaii influences my music, but i know it’s a special place for me.

And in keeping with the love theme, it seems like a good time to share this drawing. Mat posted it on his Facebook page on Valentine’s Day.  #LuckyWife! 🙂

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