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The Making Of Mayer Hawthone’s ‘Reach Out Richard’ A “Tumultuous Experiment”? Check It Out:

clock December 11, 2013
The Making Of Mayer Hawthone’s ‘Reach Out Richard’ A “Tumultuous Experiment”? Check It Out:

If you don’t know who Henry Demaio is, you’re in for a treat.

He’s the creative mastermind behind the latest Mayer Hawthorne joint… Mayer’s videos have always been entertaining and beautifully crafted, and the video for “Reach Out Richard” (produced by Pharrell Williams, who’s nominated for a Grammy for it’s production) is no different. Demaio created a medley of live footage over the course of 17 nights, whereby he “attached 16 GoPro cameras to a custom-built, circular camera rig and brought it out on stage to capture the final song of Mayer Hawthorne & The County’s encore performance.  The result of this often times tumultuous experiment is the music video for Reach Out Richard.”

This innovative technique created a really fresh and dynamic take on your run-of-the-mill live video production, don’t you think? You get a cool perspective from the band, too, as the footage wraps 360 degrees, seeing the crowd from the musician’s standpoint while they play. (Something a lot of us have never experienced!) Demaio says, “It also sounded like a fun way to involve the crowd in the process as well as possibly immerse the viewer in the live experience, almost putting them on stage.” Touché!

What’s the song about, you ask?
Each show, Mayer would tell the audience, “This is a song about my dad.” Building off of that, Demaio used 8mm home movie footage from a VHS tape Mayer’s mom sent him with all the Cohen family videos. (So sweet!)

In the words of the director himself, “I set out to create an immersive and, most importantly, fun live performance video and I feel pretty good about it so I hope you enjoy it too.” We did! Congratulations to Henry Demaio on a truly unique and very rad music video, and congrats to Mayer for another sweet song…

Enjoy Mayer Hawthorne’s “Reach Out Richard” right here:

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