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Letter From Aaliyah’s Family

clock August 25, 2005
Letter From Aaliyah’s Family

“To all of the fans who love and cherish Aaliyah, we would like to thank you for your continued love, compassion and tenderness as another year goes by without Baby Girl. It is still very hard to believe that 4 years have passed since that dreadful day. It has not gotten easier as we continue on with our days still missing Aaliyah but knowing she is still with us. We all have lost so much but Baby Girl still lives in our minds and in our hearts. She continues to give, to love and to show that anything is possible. Because of you, her light continues to shine bright. Thank you for not letting that light go out… We also wanted to say thank you for all of your beautiful messages and lovely letters that have been sent during this time and continue to be sent.

We thank you all. God bless all of you…

With Aaliyah In Our Hearts… Always…

The Haughton Family,

Michael, Rashad and Diane”

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