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Kelly Rowland Round-Up: Essence cover and more…

clock August 2, 2013
Kelly Rowland Round-Up: Essence cover and more…

Kelly Rowland stays busy and in demand. Here are just a few of the recent press highlights that she’s enjoyed!

Kelly looks absolutely amazing on the September cover of Essence. Fun, flirty and always on-trend!

Kelly talked to Noisey about sexual empowerment, role models and the inspiration behind using Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi.”

N: What prompted the “Big Yellow Taxi” cover in “Gone?” Are you a big Joni Mitchell fan?
K: Absolutely. I remember my mom listening to Joni Mitchell on the way to school in Houston, Texas. In the studio, it actually just happened, because we spent two days trying to find the chorus after we wrote the whole song. And all of a sudden Courtney Harrell sang “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” and it just worked. It was so perfect and I was like “Oh my god, Joni!” I love Joni Mitchell. Her magic just came and graced the room.

She also sat down with Studio43 to talk about her girls and her brand new deal with Jaguar!

“I go hard for Michelle and Beyonce” she states in the interview. She goes on to discuss her love for the F-Type Jaguar which she calls, “classy, beautiful and smooth” and has personally nicknamed the ‘Marvin’ [Gaye] of luxury cars.

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