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JP Cooper’s “September Song” Full Band Premiere Stuns

clock May 19, 2017
JP Cooper’s “September Song” Full Band Premiere Stuns

Although summer is nearly here, British singer-songwriter JP Cooper is still singing about the beginning of fall. And even if you’re ready for summer yourself, you’ll likely find it hard to not sing along to Cooper’s hit “September Song,” a sweet love story told through a wavy melody and impassioned vocals.

Since releasing the track in the U.K. last September (fittingly), Cooper has seen the track garner more than 150 million streams on Spotify and reach the top 40 of the Adult Pop Songs chart. To add a new, more romantic twist to the love song, Cooper has recorded a full-band version — featuring a xylophone, piano and mini orchestra — in a stunning new video, which is premiered Monday, May 16.

Watch here

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